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Buying Photographs - A Guide


Who Prints them and How?

The first answer is the easy bit: I PRINT THEM. I do all the work, not one part of the process is outsourced and no one else is involved. If it is my own work or you would like me to enlarge one of your own photographs, I'll print them and if they are mounted and framed, I do that as well. (I don't make the frames, I use Nielsen frames designed and made in Germany.


If I'm doing ALL the work then I'm also checking and making sure its done correctly. 


All photographs are printed using an Epson 44inch Large Format Printer. The colour process is calibrated using a colour spectrometer, which sounds mildly impressive, basically the colours in the final print are accurate, natural with no colour casts. Black and White photographs are also calibrated to give an accurate representation of 256 shades from white to black, with a good range of tonal greys, deep blacks with no bronzing.


In short I don't select a picture and just click print, there is a process behind it together with knowing how to get the vibrance and detail from a monitor screen, to a sheet of photographic inkjet paper or canvas.



What Paper and Canvas do I use?

Both "My Gallery" photographs and Enlargements/Reprints are available on the following photographic Inkjet papers: (gsm = grams per square metre) It's the weight/thickness of the paper or canvas. (Typical laser or photocopy paper is 80gsm.)


The photographic papers and canvas I use are by a company called Colourbyte Europe Ltd, based in Hemel Hempstead. They have been supplying digital print media since 1997. Their print media has been developed specifically for Pigment ink printers and the paper is regularly sourced from the best papers mills in the world. I have been printing using their products since 2007.

Colourbyte Smooth White Cotton 310gsm                                                                                           

A smooth bright white cotton (rag) based material. Its silky smooth surface is ideal for photo and digital fine art reproductions. Acid free - Archival quality. 

Colourbyte Smooth Gloss 260gsm                                                                                                      

A Premium weight, microporous glossy photo paper that's ideal for photographic reproductions at the highest quality.

Colourbyte Lustre 260gsm                                                                                                                    

A premium weight, microporous coated, lustre, bright white photo paper that's ideal for producing stunning images in photo quality.

Canvas 100% cotton 350gsm                                                                                                                

A high quality heavy-weight, bright white cotton canvas. Suitable for Black and White and Colour Giclee (Inkjet) printing and hand stretching over a pine frame for hanging on a wall.