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19/06/2022 - 11:13

Always Strive For Higher Things

A hardback book (106 pages 10x8 inches - landscape) with 245 B/W and Colour photographs, taken while a pupil at Great Baddow Comprehensive School - between 1973 -1976. A had a limited 30 copies printed that were sold to pupils that went to the school around that time.


I'm looking at getting another 30 copies printed. Albeit I'll redesign the book although the photographs and the concept will remain the same. It will probably be slightly bigger - A4 landscape. I had the book printed through Blurb about 3 years ago, unfortunately the price per book now, would mean I would need to sell copies at around £60.00 each. Although a niche book and unique, I would want to get this selling price down to around £40.00, hence I'm looking for another printing company and why I'll need to change the format/size to A4.



If you attended Great Baddow Comprehensive as it was then and are interested in buying a copy, please contact me via email to give me a better idea of the numbers to have printed.



Chelmsford 70 - 80


This book will be Hardback, Landscape (A4 - 104 pages) with 91 B/W and Colour Photographs of Chelmsford, taken from the mid 70's to early eighties, I intend getting fifty copies printed. Each copy I'll number and sign. The cost of this book will be around £35.00