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Digital Downloads

23/06/2022 - 21:39

Digital Downloads




I shall be gradually introducing the ability to purchase digital downloads of the photographs for sale.* The files will be .jpg format and the file size will be geared to producing any sized print to A4, at 300dpi. You can then print the photograph yourself using your own printer.**


This feature has now been added to ALL the images in Gallery Shop


Clicking on Buy Now will list the print options available, (if I have included this option) Digital Download should be listed under the canvas print size and prices. After adding Digital Download to your basket and completing the payment, you will be sent a link to download the specific .jpg file.


* The purchase and downloading of these files is NOT intended or does it represent in any form, a transfer of Copyright, which remains with me the first copyright holder at all times. The Digital Download option is intended for Non commercial use only and allows the printing of a digitally purchased photograph for home use only. In removing any copyright notice, I do so with your understanding, you accept as the purchaser, you are NOT purchasing the copyright or my pemission in anyway, to use the image for any promotional, commercial or financial gain.


** The charge for a Digital Download is £12.00.

(Calculated to be the cost of an A4 print plus two further copies at half price: £6.00 + £6.00 = £12.00)