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How To: Enlargements and Reprints

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19/06/2022 - 15:26

Enlargements and Reprints

on Canvas or Phographic Inkjet Paper - Print Only or Framed 

How it Works



It would be great and much easier if you can include a contact number. I can be looking at your photographs on my monitor while we dicuss the printing details over the phone. I'll check the details of the order and confirm if the enlargement size is OK for each photograph. I can also confirm the price and give you my payment details. On receipt of your payment I'll print the photographs as per your instructions and post them to you - insured and signed for...SIMPLES!



Email me the .jpg .tif or .psd (There are Many other types of file) And to ensure the best quality,  send the files from the camera or phone that took the photographEach file must have a unique name. (They usually do if they are the original files and not copies.) Together with these file attachments, include in the email the information I need to complete the order for each photograph:


Note: All canvas prints are framed, I do not supply the canvas print only. They have to be stretched over a wooden pine frame called stretcher bars, in order to be wall mounted.




File name (Photo_01)

Print size (A3)

No of prints (1)

Type of finish (Gallery Wrap) 

Print Size (A1)

No of Prints (1)

Type of Finish (Floating Frame - Natural Wood)

Any other instructions: (I'd like the image cropped slighty and can explain exactly over the phone)




File name (Photo_07)

Print size (A4)

No of prints (1)

Type of media - finish (Photo Paper - Gloss finish.)

Framed (Print Only)

Any other instruction:

File Name (Photo_05)

Print Size (A3)

No of Prints (2)

Type of Media and Finish (Photo Paper - Lustre)

Framed (Yes) (Bevelled mount with border in an A2 Nielsen Frame - Polished Silver Finish)

Any other instruction: (I'd like the image cropped slighty and can explain exactly over the phone)





Multiple copies of the same photograph A4 A3 A2 (Prints Only) The 2nd, 3rd print etc is half price.






A note about Copyright


I will not print or make copies of photographs taken professionally, I do not own the copyright and will be breaking the law.