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18/06/2022 - 14:07



Although not convenient for everyone, all orders are sent - signed for. This adds a bit of security for you the customer as well as me the seller, ALL orders are also insured.




If you order more than 1 item the Postal rate is NOT automatically applied in the SHOPPING CART. There are 6 postal categories based on size and type of print finish.




A5 - A4  (Prints Only)                                                                              £2.95


A3          (Prints Only)                                                                              £3.95


A2          (Prints Only)                                                                              £7.50


Any finish Framed Photo to size A2 (16.5x24 inches)                         £14.50                                              


Canvas prints to size A2 (16.5x24 inches)                                            £7.50


Canvas Floating Frames to size A2 (16.5x24 inches)                          £14.50


The postal cost for each category is fixed. If you order 2 x A2 Canvas prints the postal cost is still £7.50



For more than one item in an order: When you go into VIEW SHOPPING CART, please make sure the correct postal rate is selected. The default is set to £14.50. So if you have ordered 5x A3 prints, click on Delivery Options and select postal category A3 prints only to make sure you pay just £3.95 for postage and package. If you wish to buy two different sized prints, Please select the postal charge for the Largest print, Framed photograph or Canvas print in your order. 



ALL photographs A1 and above are POSTAGE FREE, signed for and insured.



Believe me when I say if I can make Postage and Packing easier - I will do!