Keith Eastwell Fine Art Photography

About Me

I write copy for promotional films and enjoy creative writing; I'm currently working on a trilogy of books called The Stone-Tape Chronicles.


However, I've always made photographs:



A washing line cleat. (I know what you're thinking. Wow! But read on..) The left half of the image was taken in 1979, the right half in 2017. Same cleat, same wall, different nylon line; 38 years separate the two halves of the image. However, if the joining line down the centre was never seen and the dates never included, how many would noticed the two identical, yet separate images? I press the camera's shutter release because what I'm looking at is something I want to keep, as if asking a question. A photograph seems rarely to offer an answer, so I keep taking more photographs. All human experience is captured in countless images and the photograph, although it can never reveal the process of time, can reveal the many occasions it begins and ends; on average in about 125th of a second. A moment so fleeting yet so infinite, this may seem trivial, irrelevant even meaningless; but to me it's important: Why?


...I may never know. 



My Photography

I like capturing all types of images but my favourite genres have to be landscape and street photography. Landscape, both rural and urban and street photography, showing people in the everyday environment they occupy. Recurring themes are isolation, the lone figure, spaces that separate the ordinary from the interesting, (the space that separates us from everything else.) Couples, the space between them and the relentless march of time. With a camera I feel I'm only ever on the outside looking in, although I'm sure family and friends would say I'm like that all of the time. I love the black and white image, colour sometimes gets in the way. Film or digital: Irrelevant. So long as I can press a shutter release and capture something. My current choice of camera/lens; that's like asking a plumber what's his favourite spanner? Mirrorless Micro four thirds + Nikkor 35mm F1.4


... I like taking photographs at the seaside as well! Me, a camera and any seaside town, especially in winter.



Keith Eastwell BA MA  October 2017