Keith Eastwell Fine Art Photography

About Me

I've always made photographs, well since I was thirteen.



                                       A washing line cleat. (I know what you might be thinking... But read on..)


The left half of the image was taken in 1979, the right half in 2017. Same cleat, same wall, different nylon line. Thirty eight years separate the two halves of the image, but if the joining line down the centre was not made obvious and the dates never included, how many would noticed the two identical, yet separate images? I press the camera's shutter release because what I'm looking at through the viewfinder is something I want to keep. As if asking a question, a photograph seems rarely to offer a definitive answer; it can render a flawless lifelike facsimile, but to a stranger it remains a fraction of a second adrift in time.


The two combined images above cover nearly four decades, but all of their detail is crammed into a 60th of second. I think of the line down the centre of the image as an event horizon. It's an invisible line that separates all of us from a photograph. It is like looking at a tiny spot in an infinite galaxy through a telescope, even though we are looking in the present, we are observing the past. Like the astronomer, if we do not understand what we see we must keep looking, in the hope we can work it out.



My Photography

I like capturing all types of images but my favourite genres have to be Street Photography and Landscape. Recurring themes seem to be isolation, the lone figure, spaces that separate the ordinary from the interesting, (the space that separates us from everything else.) Couples, the space between them and the relentless march of time. With a camera I feel I'm only ever on the outside looking in, although I'm sure family and friends would say I'm like that all of the time. I love the black and white image - colour sometimes gets in the way. Film or digital: Irrelevant. So long as I can press a shutter release and capture something.

My current choice of camera/lens; that's like asking a plumber what's his favourite spanner? Mirrorless Micro four thirds + Nikkor 35mm F1.4


... I like taking photographs at the seaside as well! Me, a camera and any seaside town, especially in winter.



Keith Eastwell BA MA  March 2020