Keith Eastwell Photography and Fine Art Printing

About Me

I've always made photographs... Well since I was thirteen. My first project was just photographing what life puts in front of me, I'm now 62 and I still seem to find images that are interesting - right in front of me. Not that my cat's impressed, sometimes I can't figure out if he's laughing or yawning.







My Photography


I like capturing all types of images but my favourite genres have to be Street Photography and Landscape. Recurring themes seem to be isolation, the lone figure, spaces that separate the ordinary from the interesting, (the space that separates us from everything else.) Couples, the space between them and the relentless march of time. With a camera I feel I'm only ever on the outside looking in, although I'm sure family and friends would say I'm like that all of the time. I love the black and white image - colour sometimes gets in the way. Film or digital: Irrelevant. So long as I can press a shutter release and capture something.

I'm starting to take more portraits now and I find it interesting to meet and chat with people while attempting to capture a likeness, that best expresses who they are.


Keith Eastwell BA MA  June 2022