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Names please

I'll keep this short and sweet.


Had I not been in a Charlie Holt art class my photographs taken at Great Baddow Comprehensive would have amounted to 300 pictures of my immediate friends. Let's be honest, after looking at 50 snaps of Gary Bishop, most people would have got bored and moved on!


During Charlie's art classes, he let me go out wondering the school taking photographs. The result being I got many pictures of kids from different years. I also took many images of the rehersals for a school play called Zigger Zagger, so again I photographed individuals I didn't know. 



The picture above was taken during a Charlie Holt art class! Another year was on the playing field for a PE lesson. I have no idea of any names. But someone must have?


Let's try and get some more names other than Mick Last, Gary Bishop and Martin Ayres.


Contact me or:


When in the GB_Comp Gallery, clicking an indivual photographs singles it out in another window and enlarges it. If you click on the image again, another window comes up that allows you to comment on any photograph.


If you know a name or think you know a name, even if it's just the first name, type it in the comments. You have to give your email address. This is supposed to be a commercial website so I'm unable to turn this requirement off for certain sections. Your email will not be displayed and only comes through to me directly.


A single name for the picture above is not much help, Help me and single the person out based on where they are in the image or simply count faces left to right.


I'm currently adding the names I know to the photographs, so the database of images will eventually be searchable by name.


I've got about 90 names. let's try and double that to 200?



Keith Eastwell May 2018.



PS. Thanks Charlie.