Keith Eastwell Fine Art Photography

Tuition/Field Trips



Field trips, one to one, or small groups for anyone prepared to pay a nominal fee for my time and genius! If you are within a sensible distance of Galleywood, (Chelmsford) interested in photography and want to learn more, and share with others what you have learnt, please contact me. Beginners to advanced and even at genius level, getting out and about with a camera, any camera... Even a phone and we could ALL learn something new.


OK about me, and what the hell do I know?

I've been taking photographs since November 14th 1973. (Yes I know, I should get out more.) The thing is I got my first camera the day before and the next day we all had a day off from school because some Princess got married. It's how I remember the date.




So this is my first effort, my first photograph. It's reasonbly sharp, composition is acceptable and it's clean and free from blemishes and marks, it looks like it was taken yesterday. The photograph was taken on film with a Russian Zenith E camera and is nearly 45 years old. Pete in the picture like me, is over fifty. (Actually, I'm well over fifty.)

So that's how I began and in the 45 years since, I do hope I've got better?


Should that not be convincing enough I have a BA in Media Production and an MA in Photography.