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Swimming among coral and Chilean elections - the weekend in pictures

16 May 2021 - 14:56 from

The Guardian's picture editors select photo highlights from around the world

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The big picture: in celebration of youthful freedom

16 May 2021 - 07:00 from

In Sven Jacobsen's painterly images, the young become as one with their environment, seemingly without a care in the world

Sven Jacobsen's photographs ask interesting questions about innocence and bliss. A new book concentrates on images of youthful freedom; teenagers scale fences and climb trees and plunge into lakes, they skateboard and snog and do headstands and backflips and laugh like they will never, ever stop. Any of the pictures might lead advertising campaigns for spring water or blue jeans or perfume - Jacobsen has worked as a commercial photographer for multinational corporations and knows all the seductive emotions - but there is, too, an extra edge of intimacy and challenge at work. They invite you to recall moments when you felt as alive as the people - family members, friends and models - he depicts. He calls his collection Like Birds.

Jacobsen suggests that when he takes the pictures he is looking always for the "flow of beauty" that might unite the figure with the landscape, a sense of subject and background dissolved. He likens his process to surfing, letting a wave take over and seeing where it takes you. This picture of the underwater swimmer is typical. He captions it as a "painting" for good reason - the scene carries visual reminders of a pre-Raphaelite Ophelia, but the young woman here is very much alive, in her element, not yet ready to break the glassy surface of the water, holding her breath for dear life.

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Blue cushion sea stars, short-nosed snakes and sea slugs: 21 days beneath the Timor sea - in pictures

15 May 2021 - 21:00 from

In April, documentary photographer and film-maker Conor Ashleigh walked the gangplank of the research vessel Falkor (RV Falkor) in Darwin to begin a 21-day journey as part of an expedition with the Schmidt Ocean Institute. Having never spent more than a day or two at sea, Ashleigh felt as though he were heading into the unknown. There he discovered intriguing creatures in a seascape of vibrant colours in the pristine waters of Ashmore Marine Park in the Timor sea

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'It's hard to look at': Donald Trump makes National Portrait Gallery debut

14 May 2021 - 21:33 from

Photo of ex-president will make way for a painted portrait as gallery says Trump's team is considering artists

A picture is worth a thousand tweets. Donald Trump gained immortality of sorts on Friday when he made his debut at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. But he also ran into some "good trouble".

Related: Rightwingers tried to discredit Trump 'foes' with honey trap plot - report

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20 photographs of the week

14 May 2021 - 19:38 from

The escalating conflict in Gaza and Israel, young migrants on the border between Mexico and the US, protests against the government in Colombia and the enduring impact of Covid-19: the most striking images from around the world this week

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Eileen Agar's seaside surrealism and Thomas Becket's lost medieval Britain - the week in art

14 May 2021 - 14:00 from

We also have the wildly subversive Jean Dubuffet, the making of Rodin and Tracey Emin's unflinching self-portraits - all in your weekly dispatch

Eileen Agar
One of the most imaginative and quirky early 20th-century British artists gets a fresh look - is Agar's seaside surrealism due a revival?
o Whitechapel Gallery, London from 19 May until 29 August.

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A football protest and a lightning strike: Friday's best photos

14 May 2021 - 12:50 from

The Guardian's picture editors select photo highlights from around the world

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Shoephoria! The history of footwear - in pictures

14 May 2021 - 10:02 from

Shoephoria! at the Fashion Museum in Bath showcases 350 pairs of boots and shoes to illustrate their evolution over the last 300 years, demonstrating the creativity and style of shoemakers and wearers

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Behind the wheel with the lowriders of Los Angeles - photo essay

13 May 2021 - 19:23 from

The customized cars have been symbols of cultural resistance for 70 years. Kristin Bedford tells their story in pictures

Since the first lowriders rolled out of Los Angeles more than 70 years ago, the ground-hugging, customized cars have served as mobile canvasses for vibrant self-expression, Mexican American pride, and cultural resistance.

The essence of that movement is captured by the photographer Kristin Bedford in her new book, Cruise Night, a collection of 75 color photos and interviews which she hopes will transport readers to the passenger seats of lowriders, allowing them to sense the nostalgia for a bygone era and glimpse the ways in which the cars remain woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Related: Lowrider: the DIY car mag that became a Chicano voice of resistance

Cruise Night by Kristin Bedford is available now

This article was amended on 13 May 2021 to clarify the length of time Bedford spent on the project.

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Eid and Eurovision: Thursday's best pictures

13 May 2021 - 13:18 from

The Guardian's picture editors select photo highlights from around the world

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Fierce friends: Moyra Davey is inspired by Peter Hujar's archive - in pictures

13 May 2021 - 07:00 from

New York artist Moyra Davey found a selection of little-seen images in the renowned US photographer's archive - then responded to them with her own images

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From London to Beijing on the old Silk Road - a photo essay

13 May 2021 - 06:30 from

Taken on a 25,000-mile trip across 16 countries, these images capture cities, landscapes and people along the trading route - and the pre-Covid freedom of cross-border travel

I set off on my dream journey from London to Beijing in the halcyon days of 2019. It's a trip that seems unimaginable today. Travelling overland, I wanted to experience the transitions between cultures, to understand more about what connects us. I was also interested to see the legacy of exchange along the Silk Road trade routes that once connected China with the west.

My first major stop was Venice. The city is full of influences brought there by its many and varied visitors, especially those from the east. You can see these in the domes of Saint Mark's Cathedral, which evoke the medieval minarets of Cairo, and in Renaissance masterpieces with their brilliant blue pigments - produced from lapis lazuli mined 4,000 miles away in northern Afghanistan and brought to Venice along the Silk Road.

Founded in the seventh century, Venice grew to be the capital of a trading empire and one of the key western markets of the Silk Road

An Ottoman-era mosque in Mostar; carriage view en route to Belgrade; train at Podgorica station, Montenegro

The Lut desert in Iran, one of the hottest places on Earth

The bazaar in Tabriz, Iran

Khiva, Uzbekistan, where blue tiles cover many of the city's palaces: ceiling details at Tash Hauli Palace

Yurts at Son-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a nation of vast and sweeping valleys. The sense of space, under the huge dome of the sky, is profound

Built in 1840, the Khaplu Palace is the finest surviving example of a royal residence in Baltistan, northern Pakistan

Security guard at Baltit Fort in the Hunza valley, Pakistan

The road after crossing the Pakistan-China border, with Pamir mountains in the distance; the antique dealer I sat with (left) in the front seat of the minibus from Pakistan into China

Clockwise from top: a shopkeeper in Kashgar bazaar; a barber giving a face massage at the bazaar; a cook making hand-pulled noodles

The antiques dealer was going back and forth across the border, selling wares the way they had for thousands of years

A women performs at the Forbidden City, Beijing

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Water dance: a drone's eye view of synchronised swimming

12 May 2021 - 18:30 from

Photographer Brad Walls' creative use of drone photography in the series Water Geomaids showcases the unique patterns and shapes the swimmers create from above

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A falcon chick and a ballroom restoration: Wednesday's best photos

12 May 2021 - 14:36 from

The Guardian's picture editors select photo highlights from around the world

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Teen spirit in suburbia: Lauren Tepfer's evocative images - in pictures

12 May 2021 - 07:00 from

From portraits of friends in the pool to beautifully lit streets, the 21-year-old's work captures the essence of being young in a small town

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Istanbul Photo Awards 2021: winners announced - in pictures

12 May 2021 - 06:00 from

The winners of this year's Istanbul Photo Awards, organised by Anadolu Agency, have been announced.

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Brit awards 2021: the best of the ceremony and red carpet - in pictures

11 May 2021 - 23:42 from

The highlights from the 41st Brit awards

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Violence in Gaza and a stained glass window: Tuesday's best photos

11 May 2021 - 12:24 from

The Guardian's picture editors select photo highlights from around the world

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BPPA press photographer of the year 2020 - in pictures

11 May 2021 - 09:00 from

We take a look at some of the images from the winning portfolios at the inaugural BPPA press photographer of the year awards. The brand new competition was created by press photographers for press photographers, to showcase the outstanding and unprecedented photography taken for, and used by, the UK media. The overall winner was Adam Gray of SWNS who took first place in two categories, photo essay and the Covid-19 essay

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'My head is on fire': Roger Ballen finds poetry in pain - in pictures

11 May 2021 - 00:00 from

Paint, collage and photography combine in Ballen's tumultuous The Earth Will Come to Laugh and Feast. Italian poet Gabriele Tinti reflects on his work ...

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